Baseline Study and Performance Indicators for the Pacific Islands Oceanic Fisheries Management Project (OFMP)


THE UNDP/GEF-supported International Waters Project (IW-Project) for the Pacific Small Island Developing States (PacSIDS) has had a significant input into oceanic fisheries management and research in the Pacific Islands region. This input commenced with a Pacific SAP (Strategic Action Programme) Project (RAS/98/G32), implemented between 1999 and 2004. This project had two components: i) oceanic fisheries management and ii) integrated coastal and watershed management.  The three-year oceanic fisheries management element was considered a pilot, and underpinned the successful conclusion and entry into force of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries (WCPF) Convention.

In 2004 the GEF PDF-B fund supported the design of a second SAP project, the Pacific Islands Oceanic Fisheries Management Project (OFMP), which commenced in late 2005. This five-year project is designed to assist Pacific island countries as they reform, realign and restructure their national fisheries laws, policies, institutions and programmes to take up the new opportunities which the WCPF Convention creates, and discharge the responsibilities which the Convention requires.

Purpose of the Report

The purpose of this Report is to:

  1. review the applicable GEF international Waters Operational Strategy, describe the GEF International Waters process, stress-reduction and environmental status indicators framework at a project level[1] and suggest any appropriate revisions;
  2. describe the baseline situation, in mid-2005 before OFMP implementation in relation to:
  3. measures in place at national, sub-regional and regional level for the conservation and management of the oceanic fish stocks of the WCPO and the protection of the WTP LME (Western Tropical Pacific Large Marine Ecosystem)  from fisheries impacts;
    1. the status of the fisheries, the  target stocks and the  ecosystem including trophic status and status of key non-target species; and
    2. initial measures of the GEF monitoring and evaluation indicators outlined in the project Logframe Matrix (Annex L).

[1] In the context of the project logframe matrix (Annex L) of the OFMP Project Document (ProDoc), for the three Project components




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