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FFA TRADE AND INDUSTRY NEWS Volume 7: Issue 6 November-December 2014


Volume 7: Issue 6  November-December 2014

By Elizabeth Havice, Mike McCoy and Liam Campling[1]



Preferential Trade Agreements

Philippines GSP+ status enters into force

Tuna Access Arrangements

Tokelau Arrangement on Southern Albacore; too late for Fiji’s domestic industry?

Value of EU-Kiribati FPA increases, deemed ‘efficient’ in EU-sponsored evaluation

Fisheries Management

FFA fires off grim warning on impacts of inaction at WCPFC 11

Apia, SAMOA 11th WCPFC Friday 5 December 2014 –Pacific fishing nations in the midst of economic problems for their domestic long-line fleets are among those now facing the brunt of inaction by the just-ended WCPFC 11 in Samoa this week.

The much-awaited 11th WCPFC “made incremental progress in some areas, but largely left the critical issues dangling,” says FFA Deputy Director-General Wez Norris.

FFA TRADE AND INDUSTRY NEWS Volume 7: Issue 5 September-October 2014


Volume 7: Issue 5September-October 2014

By Liam Campling and Elizabeth Havice[1]



Fisheries Regulation

EU anti-IUU measures: Sri Lanka ‘red carded’ and new reports on regulatory effectiveness 

Obama compromises on US Pacific Marine National Monuments

Tuna Access Arrangements

PNG tightens fishing access arrangements to stimulate onshore development   

Record 12 vessels under investigation as FFA's Operation Kurukuru 2014 ends

Friday 24th October, FFA-RSFC, Honiara --The region’s annual large-scale maritime surveillance sweep of Pacific fishing waters has netted a record 12 vessels in potential breach of their fishing licenses. The vessels, nabbed by Fisheries Maritime Police from FSM (6), PNG (5) and Palau (one) are flagged to Thailand, the Philippines and FSM.