Save the Date: Key Tuna meetings in 2014


Sat 25 GEF Steering Committee FFA Conference Centre, SI

Mon 27-Thu 30  Management Options Consultation (MOC) FFA Conference Centre, SI

Fri 31 Special Officials FFC91  FFA Conference Centre, SI


Mon 3-Wed 5 Technical Working Group (Fisheries and Trade) on the EU EPA Negotiation, Suva, FIJI

Mon 9-Sat 11 Nov PNA Special Ministerial Meeting Funafuti, TUVALU

Record 12 vessels under investigation as FFA's Operation Kurukuru 2014 ends

Friday 24th October, FFA-RSFC, Honiara—The region’s annual large-scale maritime surveillance sweep of Pacific fishing waters has netted a record 12 vessels in potential breach of their fishing licenses. The vessels, nabbed by Fisheries Maritime Police from FSM (6), PNG (5) and Palau (one) are flagged to Thailand, the Philippines and FSM. They were amongst 114 boardings of fishing vessels and 1011 sightings of vessels across the EEZs of 14 Pacific nations involved in the Operation Kurukuru maritime surveillance exercise. The regional sweep, launched on Wednesday 15th October, ended its tenth and final day today.