FFA-hosted Kobe Workshop on RFMO Management of Tuna Fisheries (29 June - 1 July 2010, Brisbane Convention Centre, Australia)

The Kobe 2 meeting in San Sebastian in June 2009 agreed to hold an international workshop on RFMO management of tuna fisheries.  Members of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA; 16 countries and 1 territory) offered to host this workshop.  The workshop was held at the Brisbane Convention Centre from Tuesday 29 June - Thursday 1 July 2010.  

The agreed terms of reference for the workshop are:


* To recommend measures to ensure the long term sustainability of the world’s tuna fisheries, by addressing the core issues of allocation of fishing opportunities within the tuna RFMOs, the management of harvesting capacity in a way that retains the profitability of the world’s tuna fleet and accommodates the rights and entry of developing coastal States, in particular small island developing States, territories, and States with small and vulnerable economies into these fisheries, and the means to achieve that, including the orderly transition of fishing effort/capacity.

* The Workshop should focus on future management options and initiatives, not just on the causes and symptoms of overcapacity.

*This process is time limited and is to be developed through an international Workshop in 2010 and completed prior to Kobe 3 in 2011.

In carrying out its work, the Workshop will take into account the need to provide adequate capacity building assistance to developing coastal States, in particular small island developing States, territories, and States with small and vulnerable economies to facilitate their participation and preparation for this Workshop.

In order to achieve results, FFA members seek to use a combination of presentations and facilitated panel discussions to progress the agenda.

The final agenda issued by the FFA Steering Committee and relevant documentation for the meeting are below. Copies of the documentation for the workshop will be hosted temporarily on FFA website for the duration of the Kobe workshop.  After the workshop, copies will be provided for posting on the Joint tuna RFMO website (www.tuna-org.org). 

The Final Report in English, Spanish and French are now available.

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