NEWS: Tuna data management and women observer support strengthened in Solomon Islands

The First Solomon Islands National Tuna Data Workshop was held in Honiara last week to reflect on the current practices, identify ways to improve collection and management of tuna data and to make sure the country meets its data obligations to the WCPFC

With tuna as the second biggest export earner in the Solomon Islands, data of tuna catch and other fishing related activities within Solomon Islands EEZ must be recorded and managed in proper systems and procedures to inform the Government to make decisions that ensure the long term sustainability of the tuna industry.  

New VDS Register Fees for PS Vessels in PNA Waters

The Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) agreed in their 29th Annual Meeting held in Majuro (19-23 April 2010) to increase the VDS Register fee and apply a “Conservation Levy” to purse seine vessels operating in PNA waters, to come into effect on 1 July 2010.

FFA & OFMP assists countries to board and prosecute fishing vessels in Cook Islands

RAROTONGA, COOK ISLANDS 17-21 MAY 2010: Fisheries officers, police and legal staff in Cook Islands learnt more about how to board, inspect and prosecute fishing vessels at an FFA Dockside and Boarding Inspection Workshop which closes today.

Officers were taught subjects including International law, National laws, Regional and Sub-regional Fisheries Agreements, Fishing Vessel Boarding & Evidence Collections and Court Procedures.

Solomon Islanders celebrate our unique biodiversity

HONIARA, SOLOMON ISLANDS, FRIDAY 21 MAY 2010: Today International Biodiversity Day will be celebrated in Honiara, for all Solomon Islanders to learn about the importance of biodiversity through music, games and educational presentations.

This year’s International Biodiversity Day, themed Biodiversity for development and poverty alleviation, is particularly important because 2010 is the United Nations International Year of Biodiversity. Throughout the year we will be looking at how all living things are, including humans, depend on each other for survival.

Outcomes from FFA meetings

HONIARA, SOLOMON ISLANDS, 4-13 MAY 2010: The FFA regional headquarters hosted officials from its 17 member countries and territories for a number of key meetings over the past two weeks. Outcomes include:

FFA FISHERIES TRADE NEWS Volume 3: Issue 4 April 2010

FFA FISHERIES TRADE NEWS Volume 3: Issue 4 April 2010

By Amanda Hamilton, Elizabeth Havice and Liam Campling[1]


Fisheries Trade and Development

 PNA skipjack purse seine fishery to enter into MSC certification

Artisanal labeling schemes gain momentum

Fisheries Trade-related Regulation

Bluefin tuna trade ban rejected at CITES, bluefin farming falters

Surveillance Operation Rai Balang shows success in deterring illegal fishing

FFA REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS, HONIARA, SOLOMON ISLANDS, TUESDAY 4 MAY 2010: This year’s Operation Rai Balang, a surveillance operation involving Federated States of Micronesia, Palau and the US, coordinated by the FFA Regional Fisheries Surveillance Centre, ended yesterday with success in the region’s activities to deter illegal fishing.

FFA training for fish inspectors starts today in Fiji

SUVA, FIJI, 3-19 MAY 2010: A workshop, run by the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) to train personnel as fish export officers and inspectors to certify products as meeting EU and US export standards opened today in Pacific Harbour, Fiji.

Pacific Island Seamounts - are they under threat?

Pacific Island Seamounts - are they under threat?

30th April, Nadi, Fiji

A 2-day workshop was held in Nadi on 28th and 29th April to discuss the impacts of longline fishing as well as other activities on seamounts in the Pacific Islands.