FFA TRADE AND INDUSTRY NEWS Volume 10: Issue 5 September-October 2017


Volume 10: Issue 5September-October 2017  By Liam Campling, Elizabeth Havice, Mike McCoy[1]



Preferential & Fisheries Trade

Uncertain future for Pacific-EU relations post-Cotonou Agreement

WTO compliance panels side with US on tuna-dolphin dispute

Fisheries Regulation

Vietnam receives EU-IUU fishing ‘yellow card’; Thailand and Taiwan yet to be lifted

New Zealand’s Matt Hooper confirmed as next Forum Fisheries Deputy

 WCPFC14,Manila, PHILLIPPINES— As FFA’s Deputy Director General Wez Norris prepares to wrap up his final Tuna Commission meeting with the Forum Fisheries Agency tomorrow, the announcement of his successor has been made. 
Director General James Movick confirmed the appointment of Mr Matthew Hooper of New Zealand to the position of Deputy Director General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), commencing during the first half of 2018. 

WCPFC14: Fiji to Tuna Commission- 'Hard decisions need to be made now' (Statement).

 Fiji Statement led by Minister for Fisheries Hon. Semi Koroilavesau during the opening formalities of the WCPFC14 at the PICC in Manila, Phillippines on Dec 3, 2017.
... Madam Chair, Fiji’s statement will focus on the important issues that are at hand. This reflects issues that Fiji sees important in terms of our shared national and regional 

The Tuna Longline Industry in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean and its Market Dynamics

The report provides industry and market intelligence regarding the current status of the tuna longline industry in terms of distant water fleets (DWF) and other companies involved in the global chains that these fleets supply. The study examines the DWFs of China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The primay focus is on industry dynamics, that is, key companies and organisations, industry organisation and corporate strategies; and the secondary focus is on markets and marketing strategies.

Taiwan vessel nabbed in Pacific fisheries surveillance operation Kurukuru

Friday 27 October, 2017: FFA HQ, Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS—Maritime police and fisheries authorities in the Federated States of Micronesia have apprehended and seized a Taiwan purse seining vessel suspected of IUU fishing. The vessel was boarded and inspected by one of FSM’s three Patrol boats during Operation Kurukuru 2017, a ten-day Pacific-wide fisheries surveillance operation which ended on Friday, 13 October.

FFA TRADE AND INDUSTRY NEWS Volume 10: Issue 4 July - August 2017

FFA TRADE AND INDUSTRY NEWS   Volume 10: Issue 4July - August 2017

By Liam Campling, Elizabeth Havice, Mike McCoy[1]



Preferential & Fisheries Trade

Special Feature: Possible impacts of post-Brexit UK trade policy on the canned tuna trade 

Update on fisheries subsidies debates in the lead up to the 11th WTO Ministerial 

Fisheries Regulation

Legal challenge to new US Seafood Import Monitoring Program unsuccessful

[email protected]: FFA mourns passing of former Director Talobak Victorio Uherbelau

FFA HQ, Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS-- The Forum Fisheries Agency mourns the sad passing of its former FFA Director, Talobak Victorio Uherbelau on Sunday, August 27, 2017. He was 78. 
At the forefront of Palau’s emergence into nationhood, Uherbelau, who held the chiefly title Talobak, served as his country’s first Attorney General and went on to become the first of his country to lead a regional agency. The post title was changed to Director-General in 2005.