International Women's Day 2017 FFA statement: FFA to progress new Gender Equity Framework in 2017

 08 Mar 2017, FFA HQ SOLOMON ISLANDS – The 8th of March marks International Women’s Day. This year the United Nation’s has chosen the theme “Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work.”  This draw’s attention to residual issues such as the gender pay gap, unpaid care work, the challenges for women in the informal economy and the opportunities created by new technologies. 

OFCF, FFA annual funding meet reaches ten-year, US10m milestone

Joint FFA-OFCF Release-- Wed 1 March 2017, FFA HQ, SOLOMON ISLANDS In a move that will help strengthen Pacific tuna fisheries, cooperation between the Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation of Japan (OFCF) and the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) was reaffirmed during negotiations in Honiara over the past three days.  

FFA TRADE AND INDUSTRY NEWS Volume 9: Issue 6 November-December 2016

FFA TRADE AND INDUSTRY NEWS  Volume 9: Issue 6 November-December 2016

By Elizabeth Havice, Mike McCoy, Liam Campling[1]



Fisheries Management

Lack lustre progress at WCPFC13; Pacific Bluefin outlook remains dire

US Treaty inked as US fleet seeks more high seas fishing

MSC heavily criticised by founding partner, WWF

Fisheries Development

United Nations adopts ‘World Tuna Day’

WCPFC13: Not just IUU boats, follow the crew, say Pacific nations

WCPFC13, DENARAU, FIJI ISLANDS 8th Dec 2016Pacific nations are initiating a watch list of vessel masters linked to the WCPFC IUU vessel blacklist. The move to strengthen tracking of Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing vessels with another layer of information listing vessel masters, is hoping to gain traction amongst Tuna Commission members.