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The Tuna Longline Industry in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean and its Market Dynamics

The report provides industry and market intelligence regarding the current status of the tuna longline industry in terms of distant water fleets (DWF) and other companies involved in the global chains that these fleets supply. The study examines the DWFs of China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The primay focus is on industry dynamics, that is, key companies and organisations, industry organisation and corporate strategies; and the secondary focus is on markets and marketing strategies.

Pacific Tuna Report Card 2016 to Forum Leaders


FSMPIF2016, Pohnpei, FSM—The 2016 regional report card for tuna fisheries is revealing a general momentum in its four goal areas- sustainability, value, employment and food security.

19th MCS Working Group Meeting

The Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Working Group (MCSWG) meeting is an annual forum that allows MCS practitioners to discuss regional and national MCS strategies for the prevention, detection and elimination of IUU fishing in the WCPO region. It supports Pacific Islands Leaders call for relevant regional and partner countries to continue efforts to strengthen and expand the effectiveness of monitoring, control, surveillance and enforcement capabilities across the region.