FFA Staff Training Policy

The FFA Staff Regulations (Regulation 33(2) Training) state “The Director shall, where deemed necessary in the interests of the Secretariat, provide for the training of staff members in subjects related directly or indirectly to their duties and advancement”.

In striving for excellence in the delivery of its work programmes FFA considers its staff to be its principal asset. Only highly skilled and motivated employees can achieve the quality outcomes that FFA aims for and it ensures that only highly skilled and motivated staff are recruited. But it also recognises that if staff are to continue to achieve these objectives they may need to maintain and improve their professional qualifications or accreditations and other relevant skills through training. Combined with a supportive work environment, training can help build FFA organisational capacity and also improve employees’ productivity, work quality and morale.

The staff training policy sets out the broad guidelines for the training assistance that FFA will provide to its staff. This policy is being considered by FFA Executive and will be uploaded once approved.