Recognition for Pacific fisheries in global fisheries finals --   FFA congratulates PNA, industry members on Seafood Expo, Fish 2.0 finals

 17th September 2015, FFA HQ, SOLOMON ISLANDS – Announcements this month of Pacific finalists in global fisheries industry awards are recognition of the excellence achieved by this region in managing the worlds tuna-rich offshore fishery. 

Director-General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, James Movick, says he is pleased to hear of the finalist selection for the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) in the international Seafood Championship Awards for 2016. Announced last week at the sixth Seafood Expo Asia, the PNA joins 16 finalists in four categories (Leadership, Innovation, Vision, and Advocacy) for initiatives aimed at improving the management of the tuna fishery.

As well, Pacific companies from Fiji and Vanuatu are amongst the 37 finalists vying for cash awards and investor interest in another global event called Fish 2.0. The 37 companies—winnowed from an initial pool of 170 entrants—will pitch to investors at the seafood business competition’s final event Nov. 10–11 at Stanford University. The group stands out for its business strength, geographic range, and diverse approaches to addressing seafood market opportunities and advancing sustainability.

Offshore fishing companies PAFCO Fiji, Seaquest Fiji, and Alfa Fishing in Vanuatu are finalists recognised for being on the leading edge of innovation in wild capture products, and the supply chain. Two other Fiji companies are also finalists in aquaculture industries. 

“I warmly congratulate our PNA members in the FFA family, and those industry stakeholders from Fiji and Vanuatu who have achieved recognition for their efforts at the global level in both global competitions,” says Director General Movick.

“We are entering an exciting phase where Pacific nations where the bulk of the worlds tuna fishing activity is happening, are also showcasing Pacific-led excellence, innovation and practice to the global community. It’s a chance to highlight the strong ownership by Pacific nations in the economic viability as well as the management measures aimed at keeping the future of fisheries sustainable,” he says.

 “I am certain all 17 member countries of the FFA join me in congratulating our PNA group, our industry partners in Fiji and Vanuatu. The broad FFA membership will continue to support our PNA members through overall Pacific solidarity in regional and international meetings while the FFA secretariat will continue its ongoing services in regional MCS support, institutional capacity building, investment facilitation and market access certification, as well as fisheries management partnerships,” DG Movick says.

“On the one hand we have the inspirational example of what regionalism and cooperation can achieve with the PNA’s Vessel Day Scheme and support for MSC-certified tuna. We also have the solid self-styled innovation of the private sector in Fiji and Vanuatu, who in partnership with national level policy support have shown the power of business models based in our oceanic fishery. The PNA experience offers insights and lessons to other sub - regional fishery arrangements, such as the southern Albacore focused Tokelau Arrangement, to learn from and utilise many of the innovative management tools developed by PNA members as we pursue implementation of the newly-endorsed Future of Fisheries Roadmap.” –   ENDS