FFA MEDIA FELLOWS PROGRAM --Strengthening media excellence, independent research, and editorial leadership in following the Pacific tuna story.

 Want to dive deeper into the bottomless story of a thousand angles-- the story of Pacific tuna? Are you keen to feed your curiosity over what happens to the Pacific's multi-billion dollar shared resource, how it is fished, who does the fishing, where it ends up, and who benefits the most? Want to see which side of the offshore fisheries coin weighs more -- sustainable management or economic yields-- and whether we can achieve both? If reading this has you nodding we want to hear from you!

Your CV, passport scan, and full contact details are all we need to get the process started and register your interest in upcoming and other opportunities:

 1. Attend a WCPFC Tuna Commission meeting as a media watcher, and see from the inside how the fascinating complexities play out when it comes to Pacific nations and Distant Water Fishing Nations negotiating the rules and conservation measures around tuna fisheries in the worlds richest tuna fishery.

 2. See what happens to Tuna in on-shore processing, offloading, or as it moves down the consumer chain across our Pacific countries when you participate in the FFA/SPC/EU DEVFISH II Tunanomics Media Initiative for incountry, subregional and regional spaces where we expose working journalists to the economic angles in thePacific tuna industry as the region works to claim its fair share of the benefits from the global tuna industry. 

 3. Take a research sabbatical or in-depth internship with FFA HQ in Honiara and meet the team of technical experts whose eyes light up when they talk about all things tuna; and publish your learning or apply it in your reporting at an Forum Fisheries Committee Ministerial event or other FFA spaces. 

 Journalists can be working in any media, but prepared to develop and pitch ideas before approval as MediaFellows, which is an open ended timeline allowing FFA to make the most of funding and media support opportunities as they arise-- and plug them in to the individual journalists and organisations who will most benefit!

 ​PLEASE NOTE: Registration for the FFA Media Fellows program does not constitute guarantee of attendance to any of the opportunities available. Your interest is logged into a database for access as opportunities and resources arise, and pending your own timing, availability and 'fit' to specific openings for media projects linked to keeping tuna and offshore fisheries in the Pacific conversations  on the things that matter!​

 The FFA Media Fellows program supports independent editorial analysis, strong media ethics, and work that features a range of voices. 

 Interested? Contact [email protected]. Priority for fully funded placements on the FFA Media Fellows program will be given to FFA member country nationals.

​There is no closing date on applications, -- but registering now helps ensure you don't miss out on upcoming opportunities!​


The Tunanomics Media Initiative   from the EU DEVFISH II and PACMAS, in its first three years has continued with the the GEF PIOFMP2 project  in the media visibility for Pacific nations at the WCPFC, as well as ongoing  support and partnership for the FFA Media Fellows program from Japan, Australia and New Zealand.


​All EOIs will be acknowledged.