Pacific Tuna Report Card 2016 to Forum Leaders


FSMPIF2016, Pohnpei, FSM—The 2016 regional report card for tuna fisheries is revealing a general momentum in its four goal areas- sustainability, value, employment and food security.

 The introduction of annual reporting on the state of Pacific Fisheries was endorsed by Pacific Forum Leaders in 2015 to track the Future of Fisheries Roadmap for sustainable Pacific Fisheries.  Compiled by the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency and Pacific Community, the report cards go to the annual Pacific Fisheries Ministerial in July before a final version is presented to Forum Leaders. The annual Tuna Report Card aims for sustainability, value, employment and food security outcomes through a range of strategies to be presented to Forum Leaders tomorrow.

 The Tuna Report Card for 2016 shows stocks of Yellowfin, Albacore and Skipjack in the Pacific Fishery remain healthy, with strong growth in economic returns from access fees, an incremental upwards trend in employment, and ongoing data collection on tuna consumption per capita. 

 “Any report card system will also flag action areas and priorities, and the Fisheries Roadmap is as clear on challenges as it is on opportunities,” says FFA Director General James Movick. “Bigeye tuna is overfished and overfishing is happening. The goal of increasing values while managing tuna catches within sustainable limits will always be a tough one for Pacific nations to grapple with, and short term economic shocks from the global markets and foreign exchange have to be part of the annual reporting--but overall, given that we are one year into a ten-year strategy, we are on track towards the Roadmap goals, and look forward to hearing from the Forum Leaders on ways to ensure the momentum continues.” --ENDS (Report Cards for Tuna and Coastal Fisheries and Future of Fisheries Roadmap attached).