FFA Trade Industry News (TIN) Jan-Feb 2018

Updates and trending analysis from the global/Pacific tuna scene- PDF attached.

Preferential Trade
Update on EU Free Trade Agreement negotiations
Fisheries Regulation
US SIMP to be enforced in April; new Commerce Trusted Trader Programme proposed
Fisheries Management
PNA and Fiji MSC fisheries re-certified; MSC fisheries standard changes for mixed fisheries
Regulatory strife over Pacific Bluefin continues
Tuna Industry
Recent developments to reduce labour abuse in fishing operations
The rollercoaster of canning-grade tuna prices
Japan’s ultra-low temperature tuna sashimi market
Blockchain technology trialled for tuna traceability in Fiji
Popularity of tuna-based ‘poke’ in the US increasing the market for carbon monoxide-treated tuna
Tuna Price Trends