Compliance Manager

 About Pacific Island Tuna

 Pacific Island Tuna (PIT) is a startup sustainable tuna supplier based in Majuro, Marshall Islands, launched as a partnership between The Nature Conservancy and the Marshall Islands Marine Resource Authority

PIT contracts with fishers, logistics providers, and processors to supply sustainable canned tuna to its retail customers

Sustainability is PIT’s core mission. PIT brings best-in-class sustainability standards to the industry, without the inflated markup

PIT operates in the Marshall Islands and has a US-based subsidiary to manage its US business.  We’re looking for a results-driven Compliance Manager to implement and develop regulatory

compliance strategies.

Employment type and location

The Compliance Manager will be a full-time role. Hours will typically be standard, although some weekend work may be require

Location is flexible within Asia-Pacific, preferably in Majuro

Occasional additional travel may be required on an ad hoc basis (post-COVID)

Compliance Manager Responsibilities

Instill and promote a compliance culture throughout the organization and liaise cross-functionally across the organization to ensure the implementation of this strategy as appropriate.

Lead and support activities surrounding import/export compliance with registered import service providers, customs clearing agents, logistics providers, contracted processors, and the Customs departments of the US, Marshall Islands, and Philippines. 

Lead and support monitoring and compliance with PIT’s best-in-class sustainability, labor and social standards and related customer KPIs.

Actively support PIT’s participation in 3rd party sustainability, social and labor organizations including the Seafood Task Force. 

Lead and support the maintenance of various 3rd party site registrations, access, and/or updating to include databases. 

Compliance Manager Tasks: 

Reviewing documentation, processes, and practices. 

Developing and enacting regulatory compliance strategies. 

Coordinating regulatory compliance procedures across organizational structures. 

Providing training in compliance practices and procedures. 

Monitoring regulatory and compliance and facilitating interventions to manage risks. 

Preparation of KPI scorecards against PIT’s sustainability, labor, and social standards

Review and assist stakeholders in the preparation and implementation of Corrective Action Plans

Performing compliance audits, data collection, and compiling reports. 

Documenting compliance-related processes and maintaining records. 

Keeping abreast of regulatory changes and developments in the regulatory environment. 

Compliance Manager Requirements: 

Bachelor's degree in the field of regulatory specialization or related fields preferred. 

An accredited qualification in regulatory and compliance assurance preferred. 

More than five years' work experience in the relevant industry. 

At least two years’ experience as a regulatory compliance specialist, or similar. 

Knowledge of industry regulations and governing laws. 

Proficiency in Office and compliance management software. 

Exceptional analytical, investigative, and organizational skills. 

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 

Strong team player but also be self-motivated

Application Process 

Application can be obtained at MIMRA or online at or email Gene Muller at [email protected]

Deadline for submission is no later than October 31, 2022 at 5pm Majuro local time.

Closing Date : 
Monday, October 31, 2022
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