FFA & SPC assist consultative process for fisheries management & legal review

FUNAFUTI, TUVALU 12-21 OCTOBER 2010: The Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) in collaboration with the Secretariat of the South Pacific Community (SPC) assist Tuvalu to hold stakeholder consultations and develop a National Tuna Fisheries Management and Development Plan this week.

Meetings that are being held at Funafuti week will progress a consultative process to upgrade Tuvalu’s fisheries laws and develop a new tuna fisheries management and development plan.

Tuvalu has recognised the need to update their fisheries law and develop supporting regulations to bring them in line with international obligations and sought assistance. With their previous tuna management plan due to expire in 2006, Tuvalu also requested assistance to develop a new plan to strategise and set out actions to advance fisheries development while sustainably managing fisheries. This week a stakeholder’s consultation was held including the Attorney General’s Office, including the AG herself, Fisheries Department, Maritime Police, Agriculture Department, Tuvalu Fishermen Association, National Fishing Agencies, representatives for the traditional leaders (Kaupule and Falakaupule), Environment Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Marine and Ports Services, Development Bank of Tuvalu, Tuvalu Association of NGOs (TANGO) and Local Consultants.

The reviews and workshop are a coordinated effort of assistance by the FFA and SPC to the Tuvalu Government. This assistance is funded by the UNDP/GEF Pacific Islands Oceanic Fisheries Management Project and the EU funded SciCOFish project.

This week’s is the third and final stakeholder consultation of the Legislative Review and the review of the Tuvalu Tuna Fisheries Management and Development Plan.

Further outcomes and strategic directions of the reviews will be presented through a seminar to the public in an open forum Tuesday next week.

FFA staff will also be running a workshop on Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) issues and Tuvalu.