Major Tuna Industry Status Report - 'Market and Industry Dynamics in the Global Tuna Supply Chain'

Market and Industry Dynamics in the Global Tuna Supply Chain

Over a series of ten chapters, this report provides an overview of the current status of the global tuna industry in terms of major tuna fishing fleets, tuna trading companies, processing sites and principal markets.

The global tuna supply chain is heavily dependent on tuna supplies from the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO), with almost 60% of global catch (currently around 2.4 million mt) taken from the region. Pacific Island countries (PICs) are the primary custodians of WCPO tuna resources, as the majority of WCPO catch is taken from within their EEZs. Collectively, the PICs comprise the majority of membership of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC). In addition to their fisheries management responsibilities, PICs seek to use their tuna resources as a platform for economic development. For many PICs, tuna represents the only available resource for potential economic development. Hence, as major stakeholders in the global tuna industry, it is critical that Pacific Island countries have a comprehensive understanding of supply chain dynamics which extend beyond issues pertaining to tuna resource management.  In particular, an enhanced understanding of how industry drivers and market dynamics shape the global tuna supply chain and influence the major industry players is critical to PICs achieving stronger control and deriving greater economic benefits from their tuna resources.

In recognizing the need to develop a systematic approach to improving the provision of accurate and useful global tuna industry and market information to FFA members (14 PICs), the FFA Secretariat commissioned a study under a dedicated project,‘Improving Provision of Global Tuna Industry and Market Intelligence to FFA Members’.