FFA assists human resource insights for Sol Tuna, Solomon's business community

FFA HQ, Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS – An annual Labour Market Survey partnership between the Forum Fisheries Agency, FFA, and Solomon Islands business organisations will help the Solomon Islands’ employers to gain insights into how they manage their most important resource -- its people. Included in the cooperative is Sol Tuna, formerly SolTai, the largest fish processing and cannery operation adding value to the fish taken from Solomon waters. Employing more than 1,500 workers in the Western Province and Guadalcanal, Sol Tuna is an industry leader in the Solomon Islands. The company’s Human Resource Manager Caine Kaieti joined more than 55 participants at the 2013 Labour Market Survey event held at the FFA conference centre in partnership with the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SICCI.

With part of Sol Tuna’s current focus on quality control standards, there is strong interest in ensuring training, labour and workplace conditions for its growing workforce are at the best possible levels. Performance consultant Geoff Summers of New Zealand who facilitated the 6-7th August event at the FFA Conference centre HQ in Honiara, met in-house with Sol Tuna after the Survey workshop. He says he was pleased to see the commitment to quality control from the range of businesses keen to assess their employment policies and practices.

FFA Director General James Movick has welcomed the participation of the major Fisheries industry leader to the Solomon Islands survey, noting the timeliness of the issue as member countries eye the economic potential of on-shore based processing.“The economic potential of Pacific fish is well known and promoted-- and thanks to partnerships such as the Labour Market Survey—supports employers in this growing sector to join the dots to  another key regional resource, our Pacific people,” says Movick.  “At the same time, the partnership will provide benefits to a wide range of other employers, including the FFA, to ensure greater consistency in pay and conditions for the workforce, bring about more security and better relationships for employers and employees alike.”----ENDS