Pacific Islands Regional Plan of Action (PI-RPOA) on Sharks

At least 80 species of sharks and rays occur within the Pacific Islands region. Around half of these species are considered to be highly migratory, therefore fishing impacts upon them must be internationally managed. Due to their low productivity and long life span, these species are particularly vulnerable to overexploitation. Sharks and rays are also of cultural significance to many Pacific Island communities.
The PI-RPOA Sharks is a response to both the International Plan of Action (IPOA) for the Conservation and Management of Sharks, which encourages assessments and management of shark fisheries, and to the Conservation and Management Measure (CMM) for Sharks adopted by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), requires Commission members to set management arrangements for sharks.

The FFA, SPC and SPREP are now inviting requests from Pacific Islands for assistance to consider and implement actions proposed in the PI-RPOA Sharks, which should be forwarded to agency focal points – FFA: [email protected], SPC: [email protected], SPREP: [email protected].

Download the Pacific Islands Regional Plan of Action Sharks below.