World Oceans Day 2016: FFA Statement

FFA HQ, Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS. - Today June 8, tens of thousands of people involved in hundreds of events worldwide will mark World Oceans Day.

Initiated by the United Nations since 2008 as a day to celebrate, reflect and renew actions upholding the link between Healthy Oceans to a Healthy Planet, nowhere is this more understood and felt than in the worlds ‘blue continent’ where our 17 nations of the Forum Fisheries Agency lead management and conservation measures over the worlds tuna-rich fisheries.


FFA HQ, Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS, Thurs 2 May-- ‪#‎Vanuatu‬'s Fisheries Regulations will come in for a closer look for FFA's latest Legal intern, Felix Toa Ngwango. (See attached image, Second from left, with FFA's Legal team Pole Atinraoi-Reim (left), Tion Nabau, and Dr Manu Tupou-Roosen (right).

Pacific Observer data- driving the science, underpinning enforcement in Tuna fisheries

Monday 30th May 2016, FFA HQ-Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS --They are the front-line of fisheries management and the back-row when it comes to visibility, but almost 760 Pacific Tuna Fisheries Observers are likely the most valuable 'phantoms' representing our eyes on the region's multi-billion dollar resource-- tuna. They can spend months at a stretch stationed on purse seiners or long lining vessels, observing, noting, recording, and reporting back to base all that they have seen when it comes to the rules for fishing in Pacific EEZs.

Quantifying IUU in the Pacific Tuna Fishery

Read the MRAG Asia Pacific report 'Towards the Quantification of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing in the Pacific Islands'

Also, here's the statement of Tuvalus Fisheries Minister Elisala Pita,as the current Chair of the Forum FIsheries Committee Ministers, at the Media Launch of the report in Auckland NZ, on March 15:

BEGINS- Salutations.

FFA’s Movick on Sir Peter Kenilorea: Solomon Islands, Pacific have lost a  ‘rare visionary’

1st Mar 2016, FFA HQ SOLOMON ISLANDS – The passing away of former Director General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, Sir Peter Kenilorea on Thursday 25th February heralds “the end of a very special era in our Pacific history,” says FFA’s Director General James Movick. “Here on Kola Ridge, Sir Peter’s FFA family heard the news of his passing with a profound sense of sadness and loss.”

 Mixed bag of results leaves room for hope after dismal WCPFC12

8th Dec2015, WCPFC12, BALI--There’s been a mixed bag of results for Pacific negotiators who’ve spent almost three weeks in Bali, Indonesia, defending their interests in the world’s largest tuna fishery. Notably, the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, WCPFC, adopted a Conservation and Management measure setting a target reference point for Skipjack, but a similar proposal for South Pacific Albacore did not get across the line.