FFA Annual Reports

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Statement of Intent

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Monitoring, Control, Surveillance Working Group Meeting Papers

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- 17th MCSWG

16th MCSWG

- 15th MCSWG

- 14th MCSWG

Minimum Terms and Conditions

FFA developed a Minimum Terms and Conditions to apply to licenced vessels in its member countries and territories. Click on attachment (below) for current terms and conditions.

Tuvalu - Fisheries Department Fisheries Advisor

The New Zealand Aid Programme, acting on behalf of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), are inviting submissions from suitably qualified and experienced consultants for the role of a Fisheries Advisor.  The role involves providing policy advice that includes building local staff capabilities in the management of Tuvalu’s fisheries. This is a two (2) year, full-time position in Tuvalu reporting to the Director of Fisheries at the Tuvalu Fisheries Department.  

For more information on this RFP please see the New Zealand Government Electronic Tender Services website

www.gets.govt.nz Ref # 35639

Tender submissions close at 12.00pm, Friday, 23 March 2012

Te Vaka Moana

Te Vaka Moana

South  Pacific  Fisheries  Cooperation  

BESTTuna PhD position 6

PhD position investigating information systems and needs for state, value chain and market-based tuna governance


We are looking for

BESTTuna PhD position 4a

PhD position the influence of environmental certification on international cooperation for tuna management in the Western Pacific


We are looking for