6th Fisheries Licensing Officer’s Workshop (FLOW6), Solomon Islands

Participants at the FLOW6 Meeting held at the FFA Conference Center in Honiara

A five day regional Fisheries Licensing Officer’s Workshop commenced on Monday at the FFA Headquarters in Honiara.

The Workshop is being attended by Licensing Officers from 15 Pacific Island FFA member countries enabling them to share knowledge and experience in the application of their respective licensing processes and conditions at the national, sub-regional and regional operation levels.


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[email protected]: Team Kurukuru 2013 on the final day of the regional surveillance operation, Friday 18th October.

In support of national and bilateral patrolling of vessels in Pacific waters, Operation Kurukuru is the largest of four major operations planned and run from the FFA Regional Fisheries Surveillance Centre each year, to help protect the region’s most precious commodity from poachers and illegal activities. All surveillance operations are planned and coordinated months in advance by a high-level team leader, Royal Australian Navy Commander Mike Pounder (seated front row, far left, above).

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