40th Anniversary (1979-2019)

The vision of the Pacific Island Forum Leaders in establishing the FFA in 1979 was exceptional. Anticipating the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas, Leaders identified fisheries as a critical regional sector in which our coastal states could support each other in harnessing their sovereign rights to conserve and manage their marine living resources.

The role of the FFA was to ensure that island countries were able to fully capture the benefits of their highly migratory tuna resources and to do so more effectively through strong regional cooperation that identified common goals and pooled resources to achieve key priorities.

Since 1979, the FFA has championed coastal states’ rights in the sustainable management of the region’s valuable offshore fish stocks.  Headquartered in Honiara, Solomon Islands, the Agency has worked closely with member countries to bring enhanced economic benefits, employment, food security and a better quality of life to all island communities.

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