FFA Business Plan 2021-2025 Released

Dr Manumatavai Tupou-Roosen

Director-General Overview

FFA is a proudly member-driven organisation. With the growing complexity of offshore fisheries, it is therefore vital that the FFA Secretariat evolves in the way it serves Members. Our ongoing work honours the visionary decision of our Forum Leaders to establish FFA.

At all times, we are committed to effectiveness, innovation and efficiency in service delivery to drive forward FFA’s clear vision as set out in the FFA Strategic Plan 2020-2025: “Our people enjoying the greatest possible social and economic benefits from the sustainable use of offshore fisheries resources”. Our People are at the centre of our work. Empowerment and Cooperation are core to achieving this Vision.

It is an honour to present FFA’s Business Plan 2021- 25. The Business Plan sets out how the Secretariat will progress activities and work plans to deliver on FFA’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025 and how we will be accountable to Members for the outcomes of our work. The Business Plan outlines our operating intentions and associated resource requirements for the next four years, and informs FFA’s Annual Work Program and Budget each year. The progress of implementation of the Business Plan will be reported in the FFA Annual Report.

The Business Plan builds on the six Strategic Outcomes and 31 Strategies in the Strategic Plan to identify the deliverables which will drive the FFA Secretariat’s key work areas. The Business Plan also sets out the high-level services that the FFA Secretariat provides to Members, further strengthening the focus on service delivery and accountability to Members. Through effective and efficient provision of services, and achievement of the deliverables set out in the Business Plan, the FFA Secretariat will contribute to the effective implementation of the Strategic Plan 2020-2025.

Essential to tracking our progress in delivering on the Business Plan is the Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting, Learning and Adaptation Framework. The Framework will help ensure the efficient and effective delivery of services to FFA Members. Developing both strategic and operational indicators is important as this will identify any barriers to implementation and help us learn where we can improve and adapt. The details of these indicators are set out in ANNEX 2 on page 39. Importantly, this Business Plan is a living document which will enable amendments as needed to reflect changes in our operating environment and ensure Secretariat operations stay as relevant as possible to achieving Members’ goals.

We sincerely thank Members for your active engagement in the development of the Business Plan and we welcome Member feedback at any time.  We are also grateful for the deep commitment of Members to our cooperation to achieve our Vision for Our People. It is our Pacific Way.

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