fishing vessels plastic waste

Fishing vessels plastic waste generation

fishing vessels plastic waste
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Fishing vessels plastic waste generation

An assessment of fishing vessels plastic waste generation in the WCPO region and potential measures to improve waste management in the fleet

This desktop study was conducted over the period January to March 2021, during the Covid-19 pandemic. The genesis of this report was the desire of FFA to gain an understanding into the situation regarding plastic waste that might be dumped into the West and Central Pacific from fishing vessels. Given the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, this desktop study could only at best review existing literature, and gain some insight from actual practises by attempting to survey fishing boat officers and/or companies, and draw from the extensive experience of the authors in the fields of fishing vessels and waste management. Given that the ultimate aim of the study was to "Provide consideration as to possible strategies and actions that could be taken at both national and regional levels to eliminate all plastic waste disposal at sea".

The authors have endeavoured to address this central point through a thorough and careful analysis of the information available. It is essential to bear in mind from the outset, the reason why an attempt was being made to determine the amount of waste that is dumped in the ocean: in order to prevent it.

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